Timing Trainer


Timing Trainer is an interactive, user-friendly app that helps you improve your rhythmical skills. Just choose your favourite tempo and measure and begin to practice right away. Perfectly suited for music lessons, this app is created by musicians for musicians - so you can be sure that it fulfills your needs! ;)

How it works:

  1. 1.choose tempo and measure

2. create the profile of your choice (eighth notes, quarter notes, rests, ...)

3. tap play when you're finished and begin to practice! - can you stay on the beat even if there's a rest for 2 bars?

4. adjust the volume of the 1's while playing

You're also free to use it as a simple, EXACT metronome without having to practice anything.


  1. create your individual profiles fulfilling your personal practice hours using eighth-, quarter-,
    half- and whole notes including whole rests

adjust tempo and measure

adjust the volume of the indication for the 1's in every bar

loop your setting until you hit "stop" for endless practice sessions

save your profiles so you can reuse them anytime

choose between 3 different click sounds

Have fun!


Need help? Feedback?

Feel free to contact us: appicdesign@gmail.com